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Cream cooker 60 litres C 60 E-N, year 2012 for fillings, cream, pudding, jam ...

Regular price € 5.950,00

Manufacturer: Scheurer
Weight: 200.0 kg

Cream cooker 60 litres C 60 E-N, year 2012, made by Scheurer, for the production of fine masses, creams, fillings but also of pre-doughs such as scalded or cooked pieces. Double-walled boiler with thermo-oil system for even heat distribution, approx. 6 kW heating power, almost as new (has only been used for a few times). Suitable for approx. 5 to 45 litres + / - incl. flat stirrer with plastic scraper on kettle rim and bottom.

The machine has 2 stirring speeds and one digital temperature and time (timer) control each. The flat stirrer can be easily removed and the bowl mechanically tilted safely and evenly via a hand wheel with deflection gear for emptying. Electrical connected load: 6.45 kW, 380 V, 16 A CEE plug.

Dimensions: approx. 85 cm wide, 75 cm deep incl. protective cover and 150 cm high.

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