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3 x Instoreoven WSS SBU 864 CN for 8 trays 60/40 cm

Regular price € 3.500,00

Manufacturer: WSS
Weight: 750.0 kg

3 x Instoreoven WSS SBU 864 CN build in 2010 for up to 8 trays 60 x 40 cm, computer-control, 380 V, 32 A CEE, about 10 kW, incl. steam-condenser-hood and proofer


width: about 85 cm, depth: about 110 cm, height: about 220 cm, weight: about 300 kg


This offer is aimed at professional dealers of bakery equipment. The offered equipment / machine is in bakery condition, but should be serviced or repaired before use. If you want to use the equipment for your bakery, please ask us if we can offer something comparable in better technical condition.

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