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Breadcrumb grinder Oase (Diosna) RZ3

Regular price € 1.950,00

Manufacturer: Oase (Diosna)
Weight: 75.0 kg

Oase (Diosna) bread crumb grinder / shredder RZ3 suitable for grinding residual bread, rolls etc. for breadcrumbs and crumbs or also for grating nuts and comparable stuff. The hopper can be tilted for cleaning purposes, the machine can only be put into operation with the feed hopper correctly locked. Incl. a sieve with approx. 3 - 5 mm perforation, electrical connection: 380/400 V, 3 phases, approx. 3 kW (16 A CEE plug) - The machine is tested, cleaned and fully functional.


Width: approx. 65 cm, depth: approx. 55 cm, height: approx. 165 cm, weight: approx. 75 kg

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