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Breadslicer Roesen & Robbert R&R (TREIF) SPA 38

Regular price € 1.750,00

Manufacturer: Roesen and Robbert (R&R)
Weight: 175.0 kg

Curved blade / knife bread slicer R&R or TREIF SPA 38 for breads up to approx. 38 cm long, approx. 18 cm wide and approx. 16 cm high. The cutting thickness can be selected from 3 to 15 mm, and thanks to automatic oiling of the knife, even demanding breads are cut precisely slice by slice. Thanks to its compact design, this machine fits almost anywhere. Electrical connection: 380/400 V, 3 phases, approx. 1 kW (16 A CEE plug)

Dimensions: approx. 95 cm wide, 60 cm deep and 110 cm high, approx. 175 kg weight

Delivery incl. spare blade (used), the machine is offered in bakery condition, tested, fully functional, roughly cleaned. 

Currently approx. 5 pieces in stock, package price possible!

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