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Deckoven Wachtel Infra 12m²

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Manufacturer: WACHTEL
Weight: 3500.0 kg

Deckoven Wachtel Infra 12m² with 4 decks 180 x 160 cm for up to 6 trays 58/78 cm or 12 trays 60/40 cm on each deck, incl. steam-hood and proofer-chamber with trolley for setting device. With manual control, individual steam function for each deck.

About 65 kW electrical power supply needed, about 25 - 30 years old.


width: about 225 cm, depth: about 265 cm, height: about 245 cm, weight: about 3.500 kg

(The oven was dismatled to remove it from the bakery where it was located, it is stored at our warehouse in dismantled condition.)

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