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DIOSNA lifting tipper HKV 224 (bowl lift), approx. 475 cm total height

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Manufacturer: DIOSNA
Weight: 1500.0 kg

Lifting tipper / bowl lift Diosna HKV 224, approx. 475 cm total height, dumping height: approx. 325 cm (can be varied), currently set up for DIOSNA SP 240 A spiral kneader or DIOSNA WV 240 kneader bowls, compact design as the drive is installed on top. 380 V 16 A CEE connection, 1.1 kW, max. load capacity: 600 kg.


Approx. 475 cm total height, approx. 325 cm dumping height, approx. 105 cm depth plus safety bar and approx. 160 cm width, weight: approx. 1,500 kg - The lifting tipper must be anchored to the ground!

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