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Dishwasher Hobart FXLS-70N with socket REFURBISHED

Regular price € 2.550,00

Manufacturer: Hobart
Weight: 100.0 kg

Hobart FXLS-70N professional dishwasher, year of construction: 2009, electrical power supply: 16 A CEE plug, about 8 kW, HOBART SMARTRONIC control with 3 programms (90, 180, 360 Sec). Machine can be used to clean 40 x 60 cm trays, sheets and boxes. Water is softened automatically. Automatically dosage of dish-detergent and shine booster liquid.

DIMENSIONS (external): about 60 cm width, 65 cm depth and 140 cm height

Price without socket (made from stainless steel): 2.250,- EUR

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