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Jufeba / Heim grease baking station / deep-fat-fryer size 36

Regular price € 3.950,00

Manufacturer: Jufeba / Heim
Weight: 150.0 kg

Jufeba / Heim deep fat fryer  WW-G 05 for approx. 30 to 36 dough pieces for Donuts etc. with 2 turning baking baskets, one universal baking basket, hinged steam lid and lifting device, as well as 10 aluminium tilting troughs with proofing cabinet / approx. 6 kW heating, 380 -400 V, 16 A CEE plug, tested, cleaned, fully functional.

Dimensions: approx. 95 cm width plus approx. 75 cm with upright draining tray, approx. 80 cm depth and 115 cm height with closed lid

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