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Deckoven W&P Matador MD 125 C 52 with NAVIGO touch control

Regular price € 6.950,00

Manufacturer: W&P Werner & Pfleiderer
Weight: 3800.0 kg

W&P Matador MD 125 C 52 with oil burner, year of construction 1999, 2-circuit (2 different temperature zones possible for 2 / 3 decks each), 5 ovens 120 x 200 cm, the lowest two ovens are pull-out ovens (drawer), incl. puller trolley and 6 pullers. Fully functional, the oven was recently converted by W&P to the W&P Navigo control (touch). The previous control system with membrane keyboard is also still available and in working order.

Dimensions (outside): approx. 190 cm width, approx. 310 cm depth and approx. 245 cm height, approx. 4.5 t total weight.

The oven will probably have to be dismantled from the location of the bakehouse in order to remove it from the building. The oven core (3 parts) can remain in one piece

Available from the beginning of February 2022

The price quoted is net ex bakery and does not include dismantling and loading, which must be organised by the buyer.

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