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MIWE Roll In RI 1.0608-TL electrically heated - ALREADY SOLD

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Manufacturer: Miwe
Weight: 1500.0 kg

Rotary-Rackoven MIWE Roll In RI 1.0608-TL electrically-heated for 1 trolley 58/78 cm, MIWE CS computer control, surface made from stainless steel, year of construction: 2007 with MIWE FP control, approx. 72,6 kW electrical connection, from bakery shop, was only used for baking rolls and was serviced annually. Good condition, can be loaded in one piece from stock Bergkamen.

Incl. proofer / fermenting chamber MIWE with MIWE fermenting air conditioning unit and MIWE DS control (see photos) as well as 6 rack trolleys for Euro trays 78/58 cm or 2 trays 60/40 cm on each level.

Dimensions (outside): 

width approx. 155 cm, depth: approx. 160 cm, height: approx. 265 cm

Dimensions (proofer): width approx. 80 cm, depth: approx. 160 cm, height: approx. 235 cm

weight: about 1.500 kg

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