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Planetarymixer Hobart A200 (up to 20 liters) - NEW

Regular price € 2.950,00

Manufacturer: Hobart
Weight: 95.0 kg

Planetary mixer Hobart A-200 (20 litres) NEW, unused, incl. 20 litre stainless steel bowl, 3 tools (whisk, flat beater and dough hook) and stainless steel filling aid.

High-quality and robust construction incl. full gear transmission for optimal distribution of the motor power to the tools. This machine can be extended with versatile attachments, e.g.: meat grinder, vegetable slicer, etc. (NOT included in delivery!)

Splash guard or safety cover made of stainless steel / Plexiglas incl. safety cut-out. 3-phase three-phase motor, approx. 0.37 kW motor power, 380 V 16 A CEE plug. Machine with 3 speeds and mechanical clock / timer, the machine switches off automatically after the time has elapsed.


1st gear: approx. 107 revolutions per minute
2nd gear: approx. 198 revolutions per minute
3rd gear: approx. 361 revolutions per minute

Dimensions: approx. 52 cm width, 58 cm depth and approx. 72 cm height

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