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Riehle grease baking station / deep-fat-fryer size 48

Regular price € 4.450,00

Manufacturer: Riehle (W&P Riehle)
Weight: 250.0 kg

Riehle grease baking station / deep-fat-fryer size 48 incl. proofer and tilting troughs, line 2000, year 1997, approx. 7.5 kW heating (grease baking device), similar to the current version "L2000A" from W&P Riehle (new price: over 15.000,- EUR net), incl. turning device and automatic lift for baking trays (i.e. baked goods are automatically lifted out of the fat at the push of a button), incl. proofer, trolley for 10 tilting troughs and tilting troughs with felt padding as well as foldable steam lid. Completely made of stainless steel or aluminium, mobile on castors. Filling quantity: approx. 35 litres grease, approx. 40 kg - digital temperature adjustment. Size of the basin: approx. 73 x 87 x 14 cm

Dimensions: approx. 200 cm width incl. drip stand LEFT, 100 cm depth, approx. 110 cm height with lid closed

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