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Sheeter Rondo Doge (Seewer) Unic Solo C 603 - refurbished

Regular price € 4.950,00

Manufacturer: Rondo Doge (Seewer)
Weight: 195.0 kg

Seewer Rondo Unic C 603 sheeter with approx. 60 x 115 cm belts (left and right), inspected and cleaned, new belts, scrapers in very good condition, gear oil change has been carried out, housing completely clad in stainless steel, dough collecting plates in stainless steel, left and right run, the outgoing belt is faster than the incoming belt, manual control without electronics, 380 / 400 V (3 phases) approx. 1.5 kW electrical connected load. Available immediately!


(with folded-out tables): approx. 240 cm width, approx. 110 cm depth and 115 cm height resp.

(im resting position): approx. 90 cm width, approx. 110 cm depth and 195 cm height resp.

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