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Bongard spiral kneader 50 litres, approx. 30 kg dough

Regular price € 3.250,00

Manufacturer: Bongard
Weight: 180.0 kg

Bongard spiral kneader 50 litres, approx. 30 kg dough, type "Spiral 50 J lid" for up to approx. 20 kg flour or 30 kg dough, year of construction 2007 or 2008 with stainless steel bowl (approx. 45 cm diameter and 30 cm inner height, capacity approx. 50 litres) and 2 speeds as well as a clock (manual switching from the 1st to the 2nd speed). The machine(s) originate from a show bakery and were used therefore only few. New price: approx. 5.000,- EUR net - Currently 3 pieces available! Machine with digital control = + 500,- EUR

Dimensions: approx. 55 cm width, 95 cm depth and 135 cm height or 190 cm with opened cover (380 V, 1,5 kW)

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