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Rounder and moulder Schneider Combi RL-A

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Manufacturer: Schneider
Weight: 550.0 kg

Rounder and moulder Schneider Combi RL-A, demonstration device, year of construction 06-2014, was only used for test purposes for a few days, new price: approx. 40.000,- EUR net, incl. dough lifting device THG 900 for ideal and space-saving combination with a divider. Efficient bread processing in the smallest of spaces (approx. 105 x 115 cm), various programs can be stored in the SIEMATIC computer control and the respective settings such as belt gap etc. can be automatically adjusted. Incl. touch display "Siematic" and accessories. Processing of doughs with a TA of up to 180, up to 800 pieces per hour, approx. 150 - 1,500 g or 450 - 2,500 g - the dough pieces can also only be output only rounded

Dimensions: approx. 115 cm width incl. THG, approx. 105 cm depth and approx. 175 cm height, approx. 550 kg weight

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